I get nervous simply watching this video showing the view from the Sky Pool at Market Square Tower in Houston. 

Known as the tallest pool in Texas, it sits atop the 40th floor, roughly 500 feet above the street, according to Curbed. The pool was inspired by a concept in Dubai, where they are all about skyscrapers. 

As someone who is weirded out by heights, I have no desire to take a dip in the Sky Pool. Seriously, my fear of heights is so bad that I get dizzy-headed just stepping out onto the roof of the five-story building that is home to our studios.

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I realize people have been safely swimming in it for years, but I don’t trust that glass. Aside from that, I would be so light-headed and anxious that it would be impossible for me to have a good time. 

Not just anyone can go for a swim in the Sky Pool, though. It’s open to residents only. So, if you’re looking to relocate, are into the swanky lifestyle, and aren’t afraid of heights, check availability here.

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