A woman was put onto the ground into a fire ant colony and the victim claims officers did nothing to help.

Illegal U-Turn Leads to Crazy Arrest

Two police in Santa Fe, Texas are currently being sued by a woman named Taylor Rogers. Back in 2021, she was picking up her son from school. She made an illegal U-turn into the school parking lot and refused to pull over for the officers. Mrs. Rogers attempted to flee, but was stopped by two officers. She claims she was fearful after an officer pointed a gun at her and that is why she did not pull over.

Police Body Cam Footage Below

Mrs. Rogers when she was placed under arrest was put face first into a fire ant colony. Once she realized what was happening to her. Mrs. Rogers was already in handcuffs and was unable to brush the fire ants off her. Another officer refuses to get off Mrs. Rogers when she screams she has ants on her face. The body cam footage does not show the full arrest, but she claims the officer's did not brush the ants off her while she was in handcuffs.

Graphic Photos from the Ant Bites

Mrs. Rogers attorney shared photos of the bug bites. She received dozens of bites on her face, neck, back, and shoulders.

Full Press Conference from Rogers and Her Attorney

Santa Fe ISD Police Chief Ruben Espinoza, one of the two officers named in the lawsuit, disputed Rogers’ claims, saying images from the arrest showed no signs of fire ants present on the grass. We will wait and see where the lawsuit goes as more develops.

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