Why go to all that trouble to run from the cops, just to publicly rat yourself out?

I get it, people are dumb. But how can you be this dumb?

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Step out of the car please, sir

The video at the bottom of this article starts out like any other interaction with a DPS Trooper. Allen Lynch Junior, 23, was stopped by a DPS trooper for having an expired temporary tag. The Trooper asks Lynch if he has his driver's license.  He says yes, then the trooper asks him to step out of the car.

See ya later, alligator

But instead of cooperating, he fled the scene in his Dodge Charger, dangerously weaving through traffic on the interstate.

Snitches get stitches... from themselves?

He recorded his escape from the cops and posted it on YouTube for the world to see. Not only did he capture the entire escapade on video, but he even showed himself hiding out at an apartment complex for hours. It took a few days, but authorities were able to identify and arrest Lynch. Now he's facing felony evading charges.

Not his first rodeo

Now here's the kicker.  This fool was currently out on bail.  Out on bail for what, you might ask?


Yep, a few months ago, Dale Earnhard Jr over here was arrested for evading police, allegedly reaching speeds of over 120 miles per hour on the highway, and over 100 mph on residential streets.

Check out the video for yourselves below.


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