$1,200 from a Dollar General?! HOW?!

A lot of people sleep on Dollar General. I'm telling you, if you need to grab something quick and get it cheap. Check out Dollar General. I hate walking through some of those big box stores for one damn thing. Let me get in and get out quick. Well it looks like some folks tried to use the old five finger discount at a Dollar General in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Police Department went into great detail of what went down Monday night at the Dollar General, but I need more. I cannot wrap my head around getting $1,200 worth of goods from Dollar General secretly. You cannot hide all those items, so it's no wonder the police were called. I'm on the Dollar General website. Their most expensive items appear to be phones for $90.

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No way, they tried to steal twelve phones. Well the police arrived at the scene and saw the suspects speeding away with all the items. Spikes strips eventually had to be used as the two would not stop. They're now facing several charges.

Mark Burris was charged with grand larceny, driving with a suspended license, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, obstructing/interfering with a police officer, and an improper vehicle tag. Tabitha Kelly is facing a grand larceny charge.

So remember folks, don't get greedy when you try to steal stuff. You shouldn't steal in general, but don't be stupid enough to steal four figures worth of goods from Dollar General.

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