It’s one thing when a celebrity is outright rude, it’s another when they don’t want to take a picture.

Working in this business, I’ve met celebrities who were all-around douchebags and I’ve met others who were cool, they just weren’t into taking pictures with fans. Judging by the above video, Dee Snider is one who falls in with the latter.

A lady walked up to the Twisted Sister frontman outside of a Starbucks and interrupted the couple to tell him she was a fan and he thanked her and was cool about it. However, when she asked to take a picture with him he responded by saying he was sorry, but he didn't take pictures. After that, she told him he’d lost a fan and then ripped into him, resulting into an exchange of “f--- you’s.”

Right about the time you think everything’s over, she goes back for more and that’s when Dee’s wife gets pissed and gives her the business. All the while, this lady’s filming the exchange and going on and on about giving it to TMZ, oblivious to the fact that she’s the real a--hole here.