An autopsy report has revealed that 3-year-old Sherin Mathews died of "homicidal violence" last October.

Sherin was reported missing on October 7th in Dallas County, with her body being discovered two weeks later on the 22nd, and eventually identified a few days after. Wesley Mathews, her adoptive father, was questioned and repeatedly changed his story about the events leading up to her death. Eventually, Wesley admitted to removing Sherin's body from the home. Investigators also discovered that Wesley and his wife Sini had left Sherin home alone the night before her reported disappearance.

According to USA Today, doctors testified in November that Sherin had showed signs of abuse. However, an exact cause of death has not been determined due to the advanced decomposition of her body.

Sini's attorney stated that the arrest report received from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office does not implicate Sini in Sherin's death, though she is being charged with abandoning or endangering a child while Wesley is charged with injury to a child.

Last month, the couple temporarily lost custody of their 4-year-old biological daughter.

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