Let's look back at cult classic Texas movie on this important day.

May 28, 1976 (Dazed of Confused)

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Universal Pictures

On this date back in 1976, the events took place in the Texas favorite film, 'Dazed and Confused'. I thought it would be fun to show off some of the filming locations and what they look like today.

Top Notch Hamburgers (7525 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757)

Top Notch is not a made up restaurant in the movie. It's a real place you can still go visit to this day.

Baseball Field (Actually Called Northwest Park) [7000 Ardath Street, Austin, TX 78757]

The scene where the infamous baseball game (and postgame paddling takes place) is called Northwest Park in Austin. This is a public park so feel free to take a few swings on the infamous diamond. Leave the spanking paddles at home.

The Emporium Pool Hall (Now Stiles and Switch BBQ) [6600 N Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78752]

If you were looking forward to a game of pool like in the film. Sadly that does not exist in real life. The Violet Crown Plaza was the filming location for the pool hall and the creators of the film leased out the property to create the fake pool hall. Nowadays it's a BBQ restaurant.

Girl's Hazing Scene (Austin Public Library) [2200 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX, 78756]

The seniors hazing the middle school kids is a big trend in 'Dazed and Confused'. The boys get paddled, the girls get covered in random crap like flour and honey. The girls hazing actually happens in the parking lot of the Austin Public Library, be sure you go to the Yarborough Branch location though.

Football Field (Tooney Burger Center) [3200 Jones Road, Austin, TX 78745]

This is where we get the famous L-I-V-I-N speech. The football field has received some upgrades since the movie was filmed their in the 90's. However, Austin ISD has several schools that still play on the field where the famous speech took place.

Moontower (Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park) [6620 Blue Bluff Road, Austin, TX 78724]

Party at the Moontower! The infamous party scene takes place in Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park, but where is the Moontower in the park? Sadly, that was a prop built for the movie. Yes, moontowers do exist in Austin, but that moontower you see in the film was not there already. Sorry to ruin your future keg party plans.

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A few other locations exist, but they look nothing like they did in the 90's. For instance the store where they purchase the beer from is just a Shell gas station now. If you're ever in Austin, take a trip and let me know how many you go to.

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