Jimmy Kimmel has been saluting America’s essential workers by honoring a health care hero each week. Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl joined Kimmel to pay musical tribute to a nurse from New York City, playing “Everlong” for the shocked fan.

TJ Riley is an emergency and trauma nurse from the Bronx’s Jacobi Medical Center. For being selected as Kimmel’s health care hero of the week, he was given $10,000 and gift packages for every nurse in his department.

Riley estimates that about 60 percent of his hospital’s staff has contracted coronavirus, including himself. Thankfully, Riley made it through a 12-day fever with help from his husband and parents.

Joining Jimmy Kimmel in paying tribute to TJ Riley was Dave Grohl, who gave the massive Foo Fighters fan the shock of a lifetime. Good Guy Grohl dedicated “Everlong” to the nurse, adding, “TJ, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for so many people. It’s much appreciated.”

Watch Dave Grohl jam an unplugged version of “Everlong” below and click here if you’d like to contribute to New York City’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

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