This past weekend was definitely a sad anniversary. June 22, 2018, is when Vinnie Paul passed away at the age of 54. The Dallas Stars decided to remember the good times on the anniversary.

Let me just say, the Dallas Stars, in my opinion, have the best sports presentation in all of Dallas professional sports. Yes, even better than the massive AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play. The music, the interaction with fans during the game, and the atmosphere (especially during playoffs) is all amazing. One of the things that Stars fans love is our goal song, 'Puck Off', which Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie helped make for the team right before the first round of the playoffs in 1999.

The players absolutely loved it and it became a hit in the old Reunion Arena as well. The crazy thing we learn about the history of 'Puck Off' in this video is that it may have pushed the team over the edge in one of their overtime games.

Vinnie says he mailed the team a CD of the song right before Game 6 and it was supposed to get to the arena at 5. It actually showed up right before the game went into overtime. The team put it on, got pumped up and went to beat the Blues in OT. The Stars would go onto win the Stanley Cup this season and 'Puck Off' is played at EVERY Dallas Stars home game since.

Just another awesome connection between Pantera and the Dallas Stars. Be sure to check out my other stories on Vinnie and the Stars. Like how Vinnie Paul may have put a dent in the Stanley Cup Trophy or how Vinnie may have made the Stars so hungover they were late to their own victory parade.