Time to debunk another rock rumor. This time involving the late, great Vinnie Paul, an epic Stanley Cup Win and an epic party to follow.

Back in 2016 when the Dallas Stars were on a pretty good playoff run, I told you the story of how a dent got put in the Stanley Cup. It was allegedly Vinnie Paul throwing it off his balcony into the pool. It allegedly hit the side of the pool and not the water. During that story, I said I had another Dallas Stars story involving Pantera. I would write it up when the Stars got into the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sadly, that didn't happen so I just had it saved in my back pocket for another day. Once we lost Vinnie Paul this past weekend, one of my favorite rock rumors about him popped into my head. The rumor is, Vinnie Paul made the Dallas Stars so hungover, they almost missed their own victory parade.

Back in 1999, the Dallas Stars had an epic Stanley Cup win against the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo already hated Dallas for all those early 90's Cowboys Super Bowl wins, add hockey to the list as well. To celebrate the occasion, die-hard Dallas Stars fan Vinnie Paul invited the entire team to his house for a party to end all parties when it came to Stanley Cup celebrations.

Vinnie Paul had the team at his house for four straight days drinking and celebrating. Vinnie Paul was starting to get into the strip club business at that time, eventually opening his own in Dallas called 'The Clubhouse'. I have no proof of this, but I am sure some of those lovely ladies that would eventually work at The Clubhouse were probably at this four-day party.

Now, the team does admit. They would not spend all four days at Vinnie Paul's house. They would wake up in the morning, go home, shower up, grab a case of beer, then meet back up at Vinnie Paul's house. They did this for four straight days, according to Dallas Stars Legend, Mike Modano. Well this epic party would eventually piss a lot of people off and not just the neighbors.

The City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department. Looks like the team forgot that their Victory Parade was the next day after one of these party days. The team got up late, got fifteen to twenty limos to Vinnie's house cause they were all too hungover to drive. The Stars eventually got there, an hour late and people were not happy. I imagine fans attending that day were probably a little mad as well.

Dimebag and Vinnie were apart of the Victory Parade. Jamming out on top of one of the floats in head to toe green paint. Sure the Stars were hungover, but Vinnie and Dimebag were probably ready to go that morning.

Sadly, we have come to the end of this funny Vinnie Paul story. R.I.P. to a metal icon, Texas native and one hell of a Dallas sports fan. I don't think the Pantera 'Puck Off' song is going anywhere, I hope to hear that theme in Dallas for decades to come. Hopefully, we get to hear it while a Stanley Cup is being raised.

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