A mystery dent was put into the Stanley Cup in 1999. Did the hard rockers out of Arlington have something to do with this?

I will be honest with you guys. I have known about this story for a couple of years now and was waiting for the Stars to win the Stanley Cup to share it again. The Stars are facing an elimination game tonight and I need to do something to bring the team some luck. So let's remember the time that the guys in Pantera allegedly put a dent in the most famous trophy in sports.

The Stanley Cup was first created in 1895, it's one old trophy. Throughout the years, its gonna take some damage, all of which has been accounted for. Except for one dent, when it was in the Dallas Stars possession in 1999. Rumors have spread about how the dent got there.

People have claimed that the Cup was accidentally dropped in the locker room while celebrating the win in Buffalo. Another theory that has circulated since is that the Cup was dropped at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport when it was brought to Texas.

The most popular of the rumors is that it happened at a party at Vinnie Paul's house with the late and great Dimebag Darrel in attendance. Several members of the Dallas Stars were there to celebrate the Stanley Cup victory. One witness who was at this party said this is what happened:

Guy Carbonneau
Getty Images

“I don’t remember a whole lot. I got there late and remember it was like a huge frat party. The guys were jamming downstairs and Guy [Carbonneau], Luds (Craig Ludwig), and Matty (Richard Matvichuk) were upstairs. They were yelling something out of the window that I could not make out.” The witness said Carbonneau tossed the Cup out of the window, but said it looked more like he accidentally dropped the Cup than intentionally threw it. The cup then hit the lip of the swimming pool and fell in.

The rumors have also speculated Vinnie Paul was the one who threw the Stanley Cup trophy, rather than Dallas Stars forward Guy Carbonneau. Vinnie Paul himself has said that the Cup was tossed from his balcony, stating, “It really got dented when Guy Carbonneau threw it off my balcony into my pool.”

I would honestly believe Vinnie Paul doing that more than anybody and I guess that is why this rumor has spread over the years. If the Stars move onto the next round, I have another story to share involving Pantera. So root on the Stars the next two games and beat the crap out of the Blues.

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