He had already been fired after the video went viral, but it looks like he won't be getting a job as a paramedic anytime here in our state.

A video from 2019 went viral back in October of this year from the Dallas Police Department. The person that went viral actually works for the Dallas Fire Department, his name is Brad Cox. The fire department was on the scene due to fires spreading along the interstate. The fire department have a man in custody that they believe is responsible for starting the fires.

Kyle Vess has a history of mental illness and suffers from schizophrenia. The video that went viral is from the police body cam which I will put below. Above you will see footage from a surveillance camera in the area that showed what happened before police showed up. Vess lunges at Cox with a weapon and Cox goes to defend himself. Once the weapon is away, Cox proceeds to kick Vess in the head several times.

The video says this is about four minutes until police arrived. Police arrive to find Vess on the ground. You can hear Cox tell him to get up again, Vess leans up and Cox kicks him in the head. Vess is also punched by Cox while falling to the ground from being tased. After video of the incident came out back in October, Brad Cox was fired by the Dallas Fire Department.

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According to the Dallas Morning News, Brad Cox has also lost his license to be a paramedic in the state of Texas just a few days ago. Video shows that Vess was kicked nine times while lying on the ground. For more than two years, Vess faced charges for allegedly assaulting Cox, a public servant. Then, after he filed a lawsuit against Cox and the video surfaced, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office finally dismissed those charges on October 27.

Vess' lawsuit against Cox is still pending.

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