With the annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup a little over three weeks away, Wichita Falls is offering an amnesty period for people to avoid arrests.

As reported by KAUZ, the amnesty period will run from February 3rd to the 21st, allowing people with outstanding tickets and/or warrants to appear in person at the Wichita Falls Municipal Court to avoid being arrested during the 'Great Texas Warrant Roundup' beginning on the 24th.

The roundup is a coordinated effort among 300 law enforcement agencies across the state to arrest people with outstanding citations and warrants.

However, the website texas-warrant-roundup.info warns Texans that an amnesty period or grace period isn't the most accurate description:

Simply paying a fine (even if it is reduced or court costs are waived) to resolve a citation means it WILL go to your driving record.

That means higher insurance premiums, points on your driver’s license, even surcharges.

If you pay off a fine (or apply jail time served credit) associated with a citation for a moving violation you will have a conviction on your driving record.

You will be assigned 2 points on your license under Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program.

If you pay off a fine (or apply jail time served credit) associated with citations for driving without insurance, driving while license invalid, or driving without a license, you’ll be assessed ‘Conviction Surcharges’ ranging from $100 to $250 per year, for three years.

Fines can be paid in person at the courthouse, or online at the City of Wichita Falls website in the Municipal Court section.

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