Like Donkey Kong throwing bananas or Mario throwing turtle shells. This Oklahoma man had quite the run from the police.

High Speed Chase Through Cache, Oklahoma

Looks like the Cache Police Department had quite the ordeal trying to pullover Tony Torres Jr. recently. Police attempted to pull over Tony, but he wasn't having that. He decided to run and boy did Tony run. While driving down US-62, Tony allegedly hit speeds of between 118 to 128 miles per hour.

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Tony Starts Tossing Beer Cans Like Banana Peels in Mario Kart

If the excessive speeding wasn't enough, Tony then allegedly tried to hit officers with beer cans that were in his vehicle. Maybe Tony was trying to dispose of the evidence to avoid that DUI charge or maybe he thought his years of Mario Karting would get that perfect timing for an officer spin out on the highway.


Tony Torres Jr. Was Eventually Apprehended

The Cache Police Department eventually got Tony pulled over and he is now facing SEVERAL charges. Tony has been charged with felony endangering others while eluding police and driving under the influence of alcohol. I also think he should be charged with littering, but that's just me. If found guilty of his crimes, Tony Torres Jr is facing up six years in prison for his stunt.

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