Let's get a dialogue going for the best restaurant in Wichita Falls.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Top Ten Restaurants in Wichita Falls

I saw another city do this, so I wanted to see how Wichita Falls would respond. Mainly for the fact this could show you a restaurant you have never been before and maybe you could throw out a restaurant you think deserves to be on the list. All info is taken from Yelp, so let's get started.

10 Fox Hill Restaurant (800 Kemp Blvd)

9. Hibiscus Cafe (4114 Burkburnett Rd)

8. Texas Underground BBQ (612 7th St)

7. Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen (3111 Midwestern Pkwy)

6. Legends Roadhouse (3305 Sheppard Access Rd)

5. Backporch Drafthouse (4214 Kell W Blvd)

4. Wellborn 2R Steakhouse (306 Travis St)

3. Progress and Provisions Craft Kitchen (900 8th St)

2. Pelican's (2301 Midwestern Pkwy)

1. Willie's Place (3135 10th St)

What Did They Leave Off for Wichita Falls?

Obviously with Yelp it is based off of user reviews and some of my personal favorites in Wichita Falls were nowhere near the top ten. Hopefully, you spot something on this list that you have never tried before and it encourages you to give them shot. Let me know what you think is the biggest restaurant in Wichita Falls that did not make this list.

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