If you want to go bar hopping in downtown Wichita Falls, here are the places I am always hitting up.

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    P2-The Deuce

    1409 Lamar Street

    The place that I already gave the number one spot for the best bar in Wichita Falls, also had to get the downtown vote as well. If you can get a spot under the awning, they will bring beer straight to your car. This place does get busy on the nicer days, so try to get there early.

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    The Broken Tap

    811 Indiana

    I already talked about this place when they first opened. It has become one of my favorite bars in town, just because it is a great place to chill with friends. If you're looking for a laid back atmosphere hit up The Broken Tap, just don't ask for a draft beer.

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    The Iron Horse Pub

    615 8th Street

    Another bar that has made a previous list. The Iron Horse Pub, I put as the number one place in Wichita Falls to get a craft beer. It's also one of the best places in town to catch live music on a weekly basis. Also hit them up for their Monday Movie Nights.

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    Bar L Drive Inn

    908 13th Street

    Another great place to hit up on a nice day. They also got some pretty good food as well. I will be honest, haven't been to this place in awhile and that makes me sad. Have a lot of good memories at his place and I need to go hit them up soon.

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    Scoots Bar

    1402 Lamar Street

    You may know you can bring your own liquor to P2. If you have been like me before and forgot to bring your own bottle. You go run across the street to Scoots Bar. I have seen some concerts here before and played a few games of pool. After writing this, I could go for a beer.

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