I am sure you have opened an ice cold Shiner while making some BBQ here in Texas. Well looks like the beer company wants you to come try THEIR BBQ.

When it comes to beer brands on a national level, I think a lot of folks around the country would say Shiner is THE Texas beer. Located right in between Houston and San Antonio lies Shiner, Texas. Which is home to Spoetzel Brewing, which brews the Shiner beer you know and love.

New BBQ Restaurant

Looks like the oldest independent brewery here in Texas is getting into the BBQ business with K. Spoetzl BBQ Co. It's going to be having it's grand opening on April 1st (Not an April Fool's joke, this is a real restaurant). It will be attached to the brewery. So if you want to go see where Shiner gets made, you can grab some Texas BBQ before hitting the road. They plan to serve brisket, pork ribs, sausage, pulled pork, chicken, sandwiches and sides.

Looks like the restaurant will primarily serve as a place to grab lunch for the folks of Shiner, Texas. It will be open seven days a week and be open from 10AM to 4PM. Looks like for the grand opening on Saturday, for every $25 you spend at the restaurant you get a beer token. If I was in Shiner, Texas this weekend I would order everything off of the menu to get all the tokens.

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If you're ever interested in taking a tour of the brewery, it looks like tickets start at $25. I would be down to go for just the beer and some BBQ.

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