I love a good beer and a spa day doesn't sound like a bad time either. However, should we ever combine these two activities? Well, one place here in Texas has a unique combo for you to try.

Beer Spas, Yes a Real Thing Over in Europe

So I decided to do some research on a beer spa and see which weird Texan invented this thing. Turns out, these things have been all over Europe for years now. Above is a guy trying one over in Prague. So why the hell would you want to bathe in beer for an hour?

Health Benefits

According to Pivovar, "It is a fantastic source of skin nutrients that smoothes wrinkles and provides overall hydration. It provides essential B vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Beer yeast is also a rich source of organic iron, essential amino acids, phosphatides, sterols, enzymes, and other bioactive nutrients. It helps treatment of regeneration of intestinal microflora, which is necessary for maintaining a strong immune system.

In addition, drinking beer during the procedure promotes mental relaxation. Hop extracts have antiseptic and anti - inflammatory properties. Hops also have cleansing effect and can soothe skin irritations. Vitamins contained in beer are great for preventing skin disorders and promoting skin regeneration."

Where is the Texas Beer Spa?

Turns out in Waco, a brewery has their own beer spa. Pivovar brews their own beer they make that you can also soak in as well. The place has a hotel and restaurant so you can make a full trip out of this place. I always say, don't knock it til you try it. Maybe a trip to Waco is in order this summer?

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