Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to THE greatest mayor in not just Texas history, I am calling it American history. Mr. Clay Henry.

Imagine a town saying come buy a beer and have it with our mayor. Why would anybody want to do that? Seriously, if our mayor said that, I would give two s***s about it. Now over in Lagitas, Texas this was a popular thing to do back in 1986. Yes, the mayor of this town of about 100 people in Texas is a drunk and also a goat.

Yes, This is a Real Thing in Texas

So apparently this goat was a popular tourist attraction in town that the locals just all wrote his name in the ballot for mayor and he won. Sadly, the original Clay Henry was killed by his own son. Sounds like something you would see on a crappy episode of cops in the day. Clay Henry (father) was drinking (not shocking) when Clay Henry JR (also drinking) got into a bit of an altercation over a female goat. Clay Henry JR killed his father in 1992.

Check Out the Original Clay Henry and the Latest Goat Drinking Beer

Did JR go to the slaughterhouse for killing the mayor? Naw, he's the mayor now. What a strange place in Texas to live. The original Clay Henry is stuffed (with a beer bottle in his mouth) in the Lagitas Trading Post. Which is where people would go to buy beer for the mayor.

More Goat Drinking Goodness with the Texas Mayor

Looks like nowadays we're currently on Clay Henry IV. If anyone in Wichita Falls has a beer drinking goat. I can assure you that you will have my vote in the next election cycle.

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