Movies, beer and free popcorn? Hell yeah, sign me up.

We all know of The Iron Horse Pub as the best place to go check out live music on a weekly basis in Wichita Falls. They have an amazing selection of beers on tap and it's just a chill place to go hang out with your friends. It sounds like The Iron Horse Pub will be the place to be on Mondays in Wichita Falls.

They will be hosting a movie night every Monday night. A couple of months ago The Iron Horse Pub upgraded their AV system, which enables them to play the movies on a giant screen. Beer and movies always equals a good time.

If that wasn't enough, The Iron Horse Pub will be having drink specials on these nights:

Drink Specials:
$2.00 PBR, Summer Shandy
$2.25 Zeigenbock (Hell yeah my favorite)
$3.00 Cape Cod, Madras, Cuba Libre
$3.25 Irish Pints
$3.75 Irish Whiskey
$4.00 Premium Mixers
$6.00 Domestic Pitchers

The first movie will be 'The Sandlot' and it will be this Monday, June 1st. The movie is scheduled to start at nine. So, one of my favorite movies from my childhood and I can drink Zigenbock? Damn, childhood Stryker and adult Stryker merging together is an amazing thing.

Check Out the Trailer for 'The Sandlot' Below:

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