I don't know if you could really call what was there last year a lake, more of a puddle when you really think about it. Now, the lake is going over the spillway and it's a beautiful thing.

I was starting to forget what rain felt like living in Wichita Falls the past few years. It was a rare occurrence when we would get some. Then, this past week, we got too much rain and some parts of Wichita Falls were flooded. Never thought I would see the day where we got too much rain in this town.

Well thanks to Casey Osborne, we can see how much Lake Wichita has changed in just one year. Around this time last year the lake looked like a desert. Now, after only 3 weeks of rain, we can finally call Lake Wichita a lake once again. Let's hope the lake never looks like it did in 2014 ever again.