I moved here in 2007 and have had all the great burgers in town. Willie's, Pat's, Gene's, Ronnie's, Scott's (Why are all our burger places named after guys?). One though is a bit of a drive and I finally made the trip over the weekend to try it.

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So funny story from this past Sunday. It was Father's Day and I had some visitors in town. My aunt and uncle were visiting some other family in Texas, but they decided to make a trip to good ole Wichita Falls on a Sunday. Which means you can do three things. Church, eat, or drink. I did show them the World's Littlest Skyscraper and The Falls.

That takes like 30 minutes. Then I remembered my dad and aunt lived in Medicine Park, Oklahoma for a couple of years when they were kids. I learned this when I moved here from Maryland for college, small world. So we made the trip up north on Sunday and boy was the Wichita Mountains the place to be for Father's Day.

Mount Scott had a ton of people at the top of it when we went. Then we went and checked out The Holy City. I could not stop laughing in the gift shop at the 'Straight Outta Holy City' shirt. What a world where N.W.A. inspired a religious shirt. I know you couldn't even wear L.A. Raiders gear in my catholic school because of N.W.A. when I was a kid. Crazy how times have changed.

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After that, I told them about Meers and we had to go. We did have to wait because it was Father's Day, but boy was it worth it. Amazing hamburger and you guys know I love a good burger. I think I have to say, it's the best burger in our area. Nothing against any of the ones I mentioned earlier, but that thing hit the spot after walking around all day. I only have two complaints.

One the wait, only because the waiting area really doesn't have good A/C. Standing in line with no A/C felt like I was at Disney World waiting for Splash Mountain. Father's Day, every place was going to have a wait. Second, no Meer's Gold Beer. I have been hearing they had their own beer and have been wanting to try it for years. Just got to make another trip once they get some back in stock.

After we ate, showed my aunt around her old childhood neighborhood. Man, Medicine Park was busy on Sunday. I've never been when the weather was nice. My dad would usually visit in the winter and we went twice. Never actually saw people swim until this weekend. Legit looks like a great place to spend the day.

If you have never been to Meers or Medicine Park during the summer. I highly recommend it. I am sure some of you are judging me that it took me 15 years to finally go, but I can cross it off the list.

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