Is Instagrammed a word? Well let's make it one today because people love taking photos here.

New Survey on Popular Instagram Places Around America

So my curiosity got the best of me today when I saw where people were tagging the most photos at on Instagram in 2023. For many states it makes sense. Florida = Walt Disney World. Nevada = Las Vegas Strip. New York = Central Park. However, what about for our area?

For Texas, Big Bend National Park

Turns out for the Lone Star State, one of our gorgeous national parks has the most Instagram photos taken at it. Big Bend National Park is about an eight hour drive from us in Wichita Falls. However, the most Instagrammed Oklahoma location is not too far away.

Wichita Mountains Wins for Oklahoma

That's right, the Wichita Mountains has more tagged photos on Instagram than anywhere else in Oklahoma for 2023. Of course it does, it's absolutely beautiful over there. I always end up snapping a photo on top of Mount Scott every time I go. Let's see what people have posted throughout the years.

Maternity Shoots

Gorgeous Shots of the Lake

Engagement Photos

Hiking Photos

Dam! Photos

Finally, Not Instagram Without At Least One Swimsuit Pic

So if you're looking to snap some good photos for Instagram. Be sure you take a trip to the Wichita Mountains. It's absolutely worth the trip. Even if you hate taking photos (like me) it's worth checking out on a nice day for the ambiance and the adventure.

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