Ah, Cephalic Carnage. What can I say about this band other than the fact that they have never disappointed me. I can go on and on about the fact that they kick out instantly identifiable "noodle-y" riffs and downtrodden dirges with ease. But my favorite thing about this band is how they "turn on a dime" as I like to say...one minute it's pure chaos and then within an instant everything comes together into a nice tight chunky rhythm that begs vocalist Len "Lenzig" Leal to belt out a series of intense, lengthy growls.

Misled By Certainty is simply Cephalic Carnage continuing to do what they have always done...nothing more, nothing less. That may not seem like the highest praise until you realize the fact that this album was done without founding guitarist Zac Joe. I was apprehensive when I found out he left the band but after hearing the album I couldn't help but think guitarist Steve Goldberg must've been the chief songwriter in the band. My favorite tune on the album is "Raped By an Orb", but I also really dig "Warbots A.M." and opening track "The Incorrigible Flame". All in all Misled By Certainty is a solid album and worthy of a listen if you're into bands like Brutal Truth and Napalm Death.

Misled By Certainty is out now on Relapse Records.