While I have to applaud Black Tusk for making an hilarious video, my bosses will not be applauding my lack of production due to watching the sumbitch over and over and over.

'Truth Untold' is seriously one of the best videos I've laid eyes on in a long ole time. It starts with the dudes doing chores around the house until a brick gets thrown through the kitchen window with a memo from the band's manager attached to it reminding them of a show they have that night (because there's no way Black Tusk do the whole 'email' thing). Once the dudes realize their car has failed them, they embark on a journey that sees the band hitching rides from various weirdos until ultimately trading a Budweiser tall boy for a wore out Honda.

Oh yeah and the song, well, it's Black Tusk so therefore it kicks much ass. Raw, razor-sharp riffs provide the foundation for a tune that embodies the sound I've come to love and expect from the trio from Savannah, Georgia.

'Truth Untold' comes from Black Tusk's new EP Tend No Wounds which is out now on Relapse Records.