I love Revocation and Metallica and it just so happens that "Dyers Eve" is one of my favorite songs from ...And Justice for All so Revocation's version of the tune is what is known in the corporate world as a "win-win". Of course, I expect nothing but perfection from David Davidson and company and the cover is spot-on.

Revocation are at the forefront of the American metal scene and I expect their new self-titled album to solidify the fact that this band should be way high on every metal fan's radar.

The thing that appeals to me about Revocation (aside from the fact that they write killer music) is that it's hard to put my finger on exactly what style they are. Upon first listen, Thrash Metal immediately comes to mind but they do a good job of mixing in melodic / technical Death Metal to give the band it's own distinct sound.

"Dyers Eve" appears as a bonus track on the band's upcoming self-titled album due out August 6 on Relapse Records. Stream the album in it's entirety here.