Research has recently shown that men are purchasing cosmetics, specifically facial creams, that were once thought of as just for women. Those creams can get expensive, which leads some people to extreme measures to get their smooth skin. One man has been dubbed the "Oil of Olay Bandit" after pilfering skincare products.

Efrain Hardman is accused of stealing $40,000 worth of skincare products. They're not for him, however. He's been reselling the goods because he's broke after losing his job.

Hardman turned himself in to police after he saw a news report that pinpointed him as the primary suspect in a string of skin care product thefts. It's not just the Oil of Olay products that he was stealing, but his focus had been on those products because of the money he could make off them.

I'm speculating, but being dubbed the "Oil of Olay Bandit" probably won't get you a lot of friends in jail. When he's out of jail, I'm sure his friends will have a lot of fun with it, too. After all, your friends are the people you can make fun of most, right?

This story reminds me of a time when I was 7-years-old and got caught stealing a My Little Pony. My parents wouldn't buy me one, so I stuffed it into a backpack, only to look up and see the store manager looming over me. He called my parents, who then grounded me and lectured me for the next several weeks. My life wasn't fun for a while. At least my friends didn't know about it, because I wasn't about to fess up to getting caught stealing, much less stealing a My Little Pony. Thankfully there wasn't social media at that time.

Have you ever been caught stealing? Did your friends make fun of you?

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