Tracy Mabb was just out having fun on Tuesday at a Pompano Beach, Florida intersection. She was lifting up her shirt and exposing herself to passing motorists, which is a normal daily activity, right?

She was exposing her entire body in a “vulgar and indecent manner,” which usually gets the attention of the police, and Mabb told the arresting deputy that she “didn’t give a F about her behavior.”

That’s classy. I’m wondering what she was on.

Chances are high that none of us would have even heard of this story if it wasn’t for Mabb’s mug shot, which, as you can see, is hilarious. Most mug shots don’t capture people at their best, but this one goes a little beyond that. Clearly she “gave a F” by the time she was having her photo taken.

Fortunately for us, it’s now part of the Internet, and available for our viewing pleasure.