Derek McGlone is probably used to hearing his fair share of excuses. He’s a teacher, which means he’s heard everything in the book. This isn’t about his students, however, this is about him and the terrible excuses that he’s used to get out of work.

Let’s face it. All of us lie. It might be something small like whether or not your friend’s hair looks good, or it might be a little bigger, like if you were at the strip club last night. The point is, we all lie at one time or another, and chances are that you’ve made something up to get out of work.

McGlone is apparently the master at such excuses. The Scottish man is under fire after colleagues made statements about his conduct. As a result, McGlone was brought before the General Teaching Council Scotland.

What were his worst excuses? He stated that he had run over a small child and killed her, therefore wouldn’t be able to make it in. If you’re wondering, there was no child. He also admits to stating he was stuck in a volcanic ash cloud in Iceland. Again, no volcanic ash cloud.

I’m betting he probably lies about his prowess in bed as well.

Now McGlone wants to get back in the classroom, but in Scotland, they look at your behavior both professionally and personally. If you don’t fit their standards as an educator, you’re out. McGlone’s rants about his colleagues on Facebook probably didn’t help.

How many times do I have to tell you, watch what you post to Facebook!

For now his lies will remain on record for 12 months, after which time it sounds like McGlone will be able to reapply. I’m betting people won’t forget his excuses so easily, though.

What kind of excuses have you made to get out of work?