Do we obey our robot overlords when it comes to Wichita Falls?

We have done these stories countless times in the past. "Wichita Falls named one of the cheapest places to Live in the Country" or "Wichita Falls Best Place to Retire in the Country". It's always nice to see our city on those lists and let's face it. The cost of living is why a lot of people are in Wichita Falls.

I happened to stumble on this YouTube video above that was posted last week for the cheapest places to live in America for 2022. Wichita Falls was number two on the list.


Considering the fact that we recycled our toilet water in Wichita Falls at one point in time, I believe number two is the PERFECT place for our city. This video though with these text to speech robots is awful. I really think this is why I can't get into TikTok. That girl voice on TikTok makes my ears bleed.

This Text to Speech program sounds like we live in Wichitar Falls. Also all dollars are singular when she describes incomes and rent. It did give me a good chuckle, but for the love of God US Historians. Don't use text to speech for your video without reviewing it first.

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Just to let everyone know, Wichitar will be stuck in my head for the rest of the week. Someone makes some Wichitar shirts for me.

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