The robots are coming for our jobs again.

Allow me to introduce you to FLEET, the world's first robot baggage handlers that are making their American debut at DFW International Airport. When the baggage robots are in action, passengers take their luggage to self-bag drops, which deposit their luggage onto one of the new robots, which then deliver bags to the baggage belt. These robots are still in the testing phase and a big airport like DFW is one heck of a test run.

"DFW is testing the process to see how we might provide our customers with a more seamless journey using the award-winning technology within our current baggage infrastructure, and integrating automation for efficiency," Khaled Naja said in a news release. "As we go through the pilot program, DFW will evaluate this new technology and assess potential applications of robots and autonomous vehicles at different points within the airport."

The company says this will not phase out human employees. They will still be needed at kiosks to help customers. Also, DFW is building a brand new terminal. So that will be extra job growth as well.

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