A video that shows the moment a driver loses control and crashes into the wall on Central Expressway in Dallas is getting a lot of attention on social media. 

It’s not clear whether the driver was distracted or had some sort of medical issue that led to the crash. All I know is that the car suddenly veered to the left and crashed straight into the wall. 

Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved in the accident. It’s one of those moments when no amount of defensive driving skills would have helped if there were vehicles in the lane to the left of the car.

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For me, the top takeaway of the video is that you can’t ever become complacent behind the wheel. The traffic wasn’t particularly heavy at the time of the accident. And I don’t know about you, I tend to be way more alert of my surroundings when in heavy traffic. 

After watching the clip, I think that needs to change.

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