Did someone from another planet visit us during yesterday’s total solar eclipse? 

A video that shows an aircraft disappearing into the clouds over Arlington, Texas is going viral on social media. In the clip, you see two different angles of the aircraft while you hear the people on the ground freaking out over what they just saw.

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After watching the video a few times, I’m not convinced it was a UFO like many people who commented on X. One person claims it is simply the shadow of a high-altitude plane in the clouds. However, several other users were quick to debate whether that was the case. 

I think the person who claims it is the shadow of an airplane has a good case. The reason is that it moves like an airplane. If it were moving erratically that would be a different story. 

But I am no UFO expert by any means. I’m just someone who believes in aliens and loves to go down the UFO rabbit hole on the internet. 

So, I could most certainly be wrong. Maybe beings from out of this world took advantage of the fact that everyone was looking at the sky yesterday to reveal themselves to us.

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