How would you like to own a private zoo? This guy is ready to sell and he has every animal imaginable.

Clint Wolston is the owner of the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Galveston County. He has been running this zoo since 1985. Wolston loves this place, but he is 81-years-old and wants to retire. Spend some time with the wife and just sit back. Wolston is letting this zoo go for the price of six million dollars.

The property just south of Houston is 86 acres of land. You also get the 500 or so animals on site. Which includes, 60 species of birds that come and go as they please. Also zebras, a zonkey, various ostriches and emus, a family of giraffes, camels, four alligators, small kangaroos, ring-tailed lemurs, rare breeds of cattle, exotic variations on the common deer.

Wolston favorite animal is his 4,500-pound rhino he calls Pee Wee. Clint admits this will not be an easy job if someone wants to take it up. He currently employs ten people for daily operations. The new owner will need to take on the regular inspections that come from the United States Department of Agriculture, which Wolston says have grown onerous. There are also the permits from Texas Parks and Wildlife and Galveston County Health Department to keep up to date. Keeping up with veterinarian visits on site and managing the daily visitor operations are a grind, too.

The zoo goes through 270 tons of food a year, so be prepared for that bill as well. The zoo has been open six days a week since 1985 and has on average 90,000 visitors a year. Wolston says he will stay on for a few months to help with the transition process. He also hopes the park stays the same. Wolston finally had to say, "I got all the animals I ever wanted and it's made pretty good money. But I don't want to be here when I'm 90."

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