Who the hell just steals a cannon?

Over the weekend in San Antonio, some members of the American Legion Post 2 noticed something missing from the front of their building. It was one of the two cannons that is positioned at the front entrance. The cannons are from World War II and were dedicated in 1946. American Legion member Arturo Escobar said both cannons were secure in the front of the building.

A tire jack was left behind which they used to move the cannon. Geronimo Franco, an American Legion member said, “they just dragged that thing away” because the wheels of the cannon didn’t turn anymore. “It’s a loss. We cannot replace this weapon,” Escobar said. American Legion members said the canon is a symbol of the nation’s service and sacrifice during the war. The American Legion is hoping someone in San Antonio calls the police with any information because it can obviously not be replaced.

“I don’t know what they’re going to do with a cannon, where they’re going to be able to hide it,” Franco said. “Unless they turn into scrap, which is a really bad idea.”

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