Everything is bigger in Texas and pretty soon we will have bragging rights on the digital dome marketplace.

If you have experienced a movie in IMAX before, you know you get your money's worth with that ticket. However, an even crazier IMAX experience exists called the OMNI, where you're sort of tilted back and the movie is displayed in this dome like structure.

^Here is a video of the one that was open in Fort Worth. You can truly see how massive this thing was when it was open. Sadly it closed down in 2020 due to Covid and has not reopened since. Now these OMNI screens are typically in science centers or museums across the country. For instance this one in Fort Worth is located at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

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Now they plan to do some big changes to this area. Instead of having an IMAX projector on this massive dome, they will have a digital screen. Once completed, they say it will be the largest digital dome in the world. It is expected to take about 18 months to fully complete the job.

The theater itself will also be getting an upgrade with a new lobby and all new seats. So if you have plans in the future to see a movie in IMAX, may want to check this place out once it is completed. Plus, you can make a full day out of it since it is attached to a museum.

Looks like they have a really cool dinosaur exhibit if you have a little kid that loves those. We will see at some point in 2024 if this new digital screen lives up to the hype.

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