You can create anything you want using Legos and one Grapevine kid turned a historic part of North Texas into an award winning piece.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Fort Worth Stockyards in Lego

Above is nine-year-old Aaron Hicks of Grapevine, Texas. He entered the Lego North American Mini Master Model Builder contest. The rules are simple. You need to be between five and twelve years old and make a model of something from your area. Kids with Lego Discovery Centers throughout the country entered the contest and lucky for us in North Texas. Aaron has been declared the best in the country.

Check Out Aaron's Recreation of the Fort Worth Stockyards

Using over 6,000 Lego pieces, Aaron spent 45 hours recreating parts of the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. It includes the cattle drive, a saloon, a working oil derrick and a mini-figure who can be seen running away from a horse that's rearing up and down.

Aaron on Winning the Mini Master Builder Competition

"[Lego is] so fun," Hicks said of his inspiration to compete in this year's tournament. "There's so many different things you can do with it, ways to make your builds stronger, [and] to learn. It's definitely my favorite toy."

Check Out Miniland at Lego Discovery Center in DFW

In case you have never been to the Lego Discovery Center, they have something called "Miniland". Which is a recreation of famous parts of Dallas/Fort Worth. You can check it out above. Hopefully Aaron's piece becomes a part of this in some way.

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