It ain't easy holding down a full-time job while raising a family, but most of us have no choice but to do it. My wife and I have done the math and we're much better off financially if we both work and shell out the dough for daycare.

So, yeah - it's nice to know we live in a city that ranks as one of the best in the U.S. for working parents, according to

To determine what cities were best, researchers analyzed data from 446 of the largest cities in America. They took into consideration each state's family leave policy, each city's average commute times, housing costs, the average cost of childcare and graduation rates.

The study resulted in Fallstown being named the second best city for working parents based on short commute times that result in having more time with your kiddos. And since we don't have to deal with traffic issues, we don't have to worry about being late to pick the kids up from daycare as a result of being stuck in traffic.

Also contributing to the ranking was low housing costs, with an average of $8,880 annually, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which makes our hometown the 32nd most affordable city to live in per SmartAsset's analysis.

Wichita Falls also boasts a good school system, with a graduation rate in the top 10% of the cities used in the study.

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