I had no idea someone in town had one of these. I want to go for a ride!

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Just scrolling through YouTube today and happened to stumble on Joshua Schacter's YouTube page. Looks like he is an orthopedist here in Wichita Falls and his page is mostly dedicated to this. No offense Josh, not interested in any of that content. Turns out Josh has a paramotor!

What is a Paramotor?

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^Basically one of these things. Looks like a giant go kart that can fly. It has a giant fan on the back and attaches to giant parachutes. Legitimately one of the coolest ways to fly around Wichita Falls and it looks like Josh and his dad went cruising above Wichita Falls recently.

Check Out the Video Below

I assume Josh owns this thing because I don't know of anywhere in Wichita Falls where I can rent one. If someone does, take me up for a ride on this thing because I always wanted to try this out. Don't get me wrong, I am terrified of heights, but at least with this thing if the motor fails. Those parachutes should allow for us to land safely.

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If anyone in Wichita Falls owns one of these (Josh Schacter) please take your favorite radio DJ for a ride at some point. Maybe not right now where it's freezing outside, but maybe a flight in 2024?

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