As if being assaulted with ice cream wasn't enough, it all happened inside a local church.

Raymond Lyndell Davis got into a fight after church this past Sunday (4/8) at the Church of the Good News. Around 1:15 in the afternoon some sort of disagreement happened between Raymond and his brother. Things got so heated that Raymond allegedly threw a foam bowl of ice cream at his blind brother striking him in the face.

The victim claimed his face was numb and had a small cut on his nose after the incident. Davis was charged with injury to a disabled person.That’s a third-degree felony carrying the possibility of heavier sentencing than the standard misdemeanor assault.

His brother’s blindness left him defenseless against the alleged ice cream attack because he couldn’t see it coming. That defenselessness is what led to the more serious charge. Raymond Lyndell Davis' bail was set at $1,500.

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