I have to be honest, I would never notice this. Glad to see someone in Wichita Falls did.

I just want to say, whoever is doing this, you got a chuckle out of me last night. Dani Renee shared these photos with us from a few years ago of the sign that is on the corner of Kemp Boulevard and Cunningham Drive. It looks like someone keeps spinning the sign so the streets are reversed.

So Kemp is now Cunningham and Cunningham is now Kemp. I'm sure someone in the city is freaking out about this. Honestly, it's a harmless prank. Calm down. These photos are from 2019 and the world kept turning. I know what you maybe thinking. Maybe our brutal Wichita Falls winds were able to spin the sign around.

Dani says she actually tried spinning the sign herself and it wouldn't budge. That means someone is unscrewing the sign, spinning it, then screwing it back up. I guess someone with the city was having to take care of this routinely. Oh the damn Cunningham sign is moved again.

As long as you guys are not stealing the signs (Please do not start doing that, the city will somehow blame me) I'm cool with a little sign flip around. Hopefully somebody in our city was able to comprehend arguably the most popular street in town has not turned into Cunningham.


If you were confused by this, I imagine you have the common sense of the Wile E. Coyote when he would run into the brick wall.

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