It's that time once again, election season. People will be rocking bumper stickers and political signs everywhere. Well, except in Elk City, Oklahoma.

I would say most people already know who they're voting for at this point, but people still want to show their support for their political candidate. After the debate last night, I'm sure more political things will be flying around everywhere. It looks like residents in Elk City, Oklahoma were issued a warning about having political pieces on their property.

Several residents apparently got this notice that reads: "The matter of displaying political signs has been brought to the attention of the City of Elk City Inspector. The inspections department would like to inspect this with all. According to the City of Elk City ordinance states the regulations in article two. Sign regulations Section 21-14. Specific regulations #7 Political Signs. D. Shall not be displayed prior to thirty (30) days before an election."

I guess this means no political signs can be on your property until at the earliest October 3rd. A viewer told FOX 25 that since the letter, there has been a "public uproar" and the matter is now going to be brought up in the next city meeting. Many people feel it is unconstitutional.

It looks like the people have spoken and it looks like this will be changed at the next city council meeting. "We hear you. The City will put the sign ordinance on the next meeting agenda for discussion. There are many ordinances that are outdated and need to be reviewed. This sign ordinance is one of them. Some ordinances need to be changed. Some need to be removed. Thanks for the input. As they say in New Hampshire Live Free or Die!"

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