Havok have served up another batch of thrash in the form of their latest full-length, Unnatural Selection and frontman David Sanchez hit me up on the BuzzLine to mark the occasion.

To say Dave is pissed off at the government these days is putting it lightly and anger pointed at the people in charge always makes for some good metal. The new disc is proof of that and a testament to the frontman's passion and genuine hatred for what's going on in the good ole U.S. of A. these days.

Havok have always been as aggressive as anyone in their genre, and Unnatural Selection is every bit as furious as 2011's Time is Up but the biggest difference to me is that the songwriting seems to be a little more mature and somewhat experimental this time around.

During the interview, Dave and I talked about what grinds his gears and how it fuels his songwriting these days, recording at home, what he's currently listening to and more. Listen to our conversation below.

David Sanchez - Havok Interview Part I

David Sanchez - Havok Interview Part II