I cut my teeth on thrash metal (hence the on-air name) and I'm very picky when it comes to the re-thrash scene. It's not that I don't appreciate what they're doing it just seems like a lot of it is just recycled material. Not to mention some of it seems almost tongue-in-cheek with their eBay outfits that scream "Look at me, I'm retro". You know, we headbangers dressed like that in the 80's because that was what was there so the whole idea of spending a ton of money on shitty wore out clothes makes no sense to me. And then you've got Havok. These guys stand out amongst their peers in my opinion with a very forward thinking approach to thrash metal that, while true to their roots, brings you in with their ability to write memorable hooks. Now get those horns in the air and enjoy some thrash metal!

"Covering Fire" comes from the album Time Is Up out now on Candlelight Records.