This week I'm going with Denver's Havok and their album Time Is Up. If you're looking for some intense thrash metal look no further. I was hooked on the album from the first spin and I can't put it's an absolute ass-kicker front to back and guaranteed not to disappoint fans of thrash. Havok offers up a near-perfect blend of speed metal riffs, intense double-kick drumming, groove and harsh old-school thrash metal vocals...Vocalist/Guitarist David Sanchez even has the Tom Araya howl mastered! Some of my favorite tracks on the album are "Fatal Intervention", "Scumbag in Disguise", "Killing Tendencies" and the opening track "Prepare for Attack". There's even a hidden cover of Slayer's "Post-Mortem/Raining Blood" to really put the icing on the cake. 2011 has proven to be an excellent year for metal and so far this album is easily in my Top 5. Time Is Up is out March 29th on Candlelight Records.