Looks like changes could be coming to our Wichita Falls mall in just a couple of months.

KFDX announced this morning that the Sikes Senter Mall has been sold. I know everyone's ears perked up when they heard that news today. It looks like the Kohan Retail Group has purchased the Sikes Senter Mall. Kohan owns over fifty malls throughout the country and has some you may have visited.


They own malls in Oklahoma in Bartlesville and Tulsa. They also have Texas malls in Texarkana, Houston, Port Arthur, Temple, and Harlingen. Mike Kohan, C.E.O. of the Kohan Retail Investment Group told KFDX about how he plans to reinvent the mall and once again make it the go-to spot for Texomans.


One thing the Kohan group believes our mall has been lacking is go to events and activities for people to do, besides just come to shop or eat. “You know, I want to have entertainment in that mall that the parents would come in and drop their kids and in the meantime when the kids are playing they would shop, they would dine and you know, numerous opportunities that we could bring to these malls and I’ve done that before,” Kohan said.

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What sort of things would you want to see with new ownership at Sikes Senter Mall? As long as you have Spencer's Gifts remaining in the mall, anything you do is fine with me. Also if we could find a way to get the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop to come back, that would be greatly appreciated for me personally.

I already got my wish that the movie theater be upgraded.

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