I feel like every restaurant has a secret menu and an official Whataburger spokesperson is giving away the secrets.

I love a good secret menu. I think some of those combo restaurants are really missing out. Like when a KFC and Pizza Hut are in the same building. Let me put KFC chicken on a pizza. Wake up America, we're missing out on amazing pizza opportunity here. The thing with a secret menu, will the restaurant actually make it?


According to a Whataburger spokesperson, the restaurant will make these items for you. First up a Grilled Cheese with Fresh Vegetables? You know you can add items to your burgers, but the Grilled Cheese is also an option and apparently a lot of people are adding the fresh grilled vegetables to the sandwich. They say don't knock it til you try it, but I'll stick with a regular grilled cheese. Maybe add some bacon to it.

Chicken and Waffles at Whataburger? Well, sort of. It's their take on this classic dish. You ask for the Whatachicken Strips with Pancakes. Only negative to this one, you can only get it during breakfast hours. By the way, that's my only complaint with Whataburger. If they had 24/7 breakfast, I would eat there more than I already do. Those breakfast taquitos are a must purchase every time.

Breakfast on a Bun, Ranchero Style. The Breakfast on a Bun is a classic at Whataburger, you may call it the B.O.B. Turns out a lot of people make it ranchero style where you add picante salsa and grilled jalapenos. Not gonna like, that sounds tasty and I would order that.

Yes, you can order your Whataburger bunless. The Bunless Whataburger with Bacon and Cheese is a popular option. It comes in a platter instead of the normal wrapping if you do order one.The Whataburger spokesperson said all these secret menu items are available year-round.

I'll be honest, kinda disappointed with this secret menu. I was wanting something like a burger salad, spicy chicken sandwich inside of the sweet and spicy bacon burger, or a bacon shake (vanilla shake with bacon in it). Yes, I could make those myself, but it's not the same.

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