Comedian and Whataburger fan Josh Pray has an existential crisis after trying In-N-Out for the first time.

Josh Pray went viral a few months back after recording his first encounter with a burger from Whataburger. For Josh, and many Texans, it was a religious experience. But come to find out, there's another burger Josh never tried before: In-N-Out.

Many fans of Josh's encouraged the comedian to try In-N-Out before promising his next born to Whataburger, and Josh finally came through. Trying In-N-Out in Austin, TX this weekend, Josh is clearly having a crisis of faith after just a few bites of the burger, and as a fan of In-N-Out myself, I can't say I blame him. Living in Texas, I definitely enjoyed Whataburger. But once I moved out of the state and encountered a Double Double with a side of Animal Style fries, no amount of spicy ketchup could ever match the beauty of In-N-Out.

As Josh said in his first video, "'If hamburgers are made in heaven, this is what Jesus is cooking on the grill." His follow up: "If Jesus is in Heaven flipping those Whataburgers on the grill, his daddy is in the house sneaking In-N-Out burgers."

For those that have had both, what is your take on this battle of the burgers?

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