Nothing and I mean nothing gets a family more heated than a game of Monopoly.

The amount of broken families that the Hasbro company has formed over the years due to their board game Monopoly is probably astounding. Sitting at home bored with nothing to do and need to kill a few hours? Play Monopoly some would say. This is always a bad idea. Monopoly always ends with someones feelings getting hurt. Dane Cook has a great bit on this.

Sadly, it looks like a game of Monopoly almost turned deadly over the weekend in Oklahoma. Up In Tulsa on Saturday night, local police were called out to a residence about a shooting. Police did an investigation and it looks like the shooting all started over a game of Monopoly.

Tulsa Monopoly Fight

Looks like this family sat down for a night of drinks and Monopoly on Saturday night. It looks like at some point during the game an argument started between John Armstrong and his stepfather. As any game of Monopoly should end, the board was flipped and furniture was thrown across the room. This is where your standard Monopoly fight should end.

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Well it escalated from here and family members told them to take it outside. After Armstrong received a cut on his head from a scuffle, he pulled out a gun and allegedly fired a shot at the ground. Thankfully no one was hurt, but someone called the police after the gun was fired. John Armstrong was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

He will go directly to jail. Do not even think of passing GO, or collecting $200 sir.

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