Always trying to find that little bit of space in bed? You need this in your life.

Bedding Mart just unveiled what they call The Massive Mattress Family Bed. This thing is 12 feet long and looks like it could easily fit six people. So if you're one of those families that has the dogs and kids that sneak into bed, you need to get one. Hell, I don't even have kids and I want one.

I think the only thing that sucks with this would be getting sheets for this bed. You would probably always have to buy them from the company that makes the bed or get some custom sheets which I imagine is not cheap.

This big ol' bed costs $2,499 for the standard foundation. They also have several styles that are adjustable, but those ones will set you back between $3,500 and $4,500. If you want just the massive mattress, you can go that route for a mere $1,999.

The closet Bedding Mart location is over in Texarkana. Bit of a drive from us here in Wichita Falls. However, they do ship nationwide. So if you really want this bed, you could get it delivered to you wherever you are.

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